The Top Sources for Organic Food and Vegetables in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

Organic Food and Vegetables

Are you starting your organic journey now? We’ve got you covered! We’re excited to know that you are taking care of your health and community by choosing to be organic. Well, you first need to know where you can get your organic food and vegetables. There are many organic restaurants that you may find in Singapore, but if you would like to make your own organic dishes, here’s something to guide you to the places that offer them.


At BestOrganicFood, you can find a wide selection of organic produce, including fresh mushrooms, leafy greens, and a variety of vibrant fruits.

Their inventory is constantly restocked with daily deliveries from Australia, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia, guaranteeing that there is never a shortage of options to choose from. The shop also employs a strict process of handpicking only the finest items to include in each order, ensuring that every item you receive is of the highest quality and nourishing.

With 25 years of experience in the business, BestOrganicFood has earned a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable supplier of organic food. Both repeat and new customers continue to rely on them for their organic food needs.

What’s more, their products are reasonably priced, making them accessible to as many people as possible. So, if you’re looking for delicious and healthy organic produce, BestOrganicFood is the perfect place to start.



A variety of fresh fruits, meat, seafood, and snacks are available at OpenTaste. It partners with 200 producers worldwide to bring us the freshest ingredients. It never keeps produce in its warehouse for more than 12 hours, and there is little to no food waste. The imperfect category even sells products close to expiration for a great price.

The Green Girl

If you want the freshest, highest-quality produce in season, then The Green Girl is the place to go. Bringing organic products from France to Singapore the day after they arrive here, this online grocery store carries them to your doorstep the next day. They are packed in paper and delivered the next day. There are no leftovers or plastics involved!

Straits Market

Need help shopping for groceries? This farm-to-table delivery service guarantees everything you need for dinner prep the next day. You just need to order by 2 pm and have them delivered to your door. The chicken breasts are organic lacto, which means they are raised without antibiotics. There are also organic fish, seafood, and chilled steaks available. 

Ryan’s Grocery

Ryan’s Grocery, named after the founders’ son, isn’t just a gourmet butcher with organic and free-range meats; it also offers a wide variety of gluten-free, dairy-free, and preservative-free foods, such as superfoods, organic greens, organic meats, and healthy snacks.

Nature’s Superfoods

In this online store, you can find such items as breakfast cereals, grains, spices, snacks, powders, and seeds that are neatly arranged into sections for easy navigation. It’s heaven for foodies who like to make the most of their meal preparation.

Scoop Wholefoods

Its zero-waste philosophy and extensive range of tea, grains, and nut butter make Scoop a perfect place for Singaporeans looking for healthy food. Plus, earth-friendly homeware, household products, and loads more. With its concept of pay-by-weight bulk shopping, you can buy only what you need. Remember to fill up your jars and containers before you leave the house.

Nature’s Glory

You can get a healthy change in all aspects of your life at Nature’s Glory if you’re looking for that. Aside from organic and macrobiotic foods, the store sells superfoods, health supplements, water filters, and air purifiers. And unlike your typical health food store, everything is kept affordable.


In Singapore, this grocer is renowned among people who live an organic lifestyle, but superfood fans also love its online store. You’ll find fresh organic food and vegetables, gluten-free foods, and dairy-free products from organic-certified farms in Australia, the US, and more. 

Balanced Living

The holistic wellness center offers a wide variety of supplements that focus on various health concerns. In addition to providing some of the best healthy food, Balanced Living is also known as “the reservoir of vitamins.” There are energy boosters, anti-aging supplements, and rejuvenation supplements. Browse our extensive range of natural cleaning products, essential oils, superfoods, and more.

Little Farms

Little Farm offers a wide variety of fresh, ethically sourced produce and groceries. You can fill your basket with healthy foods such as all-natural fruits and vegetables, gourmet goodies, and free-range poultry. Little Farms now offers plant-based food options, so if you’re looking for a meat-free meal, you’ll be pleased to know that Little Farms affords them. With free same-day delivery, bag the freshest produce for a wholesome meal for the family (Monday through Saturday). 

Quanfa Organic Farm

Their organic produce, grown without pesticides, chemicals, or harmful fertilizers, is among the best in Singapore. You can buy the farm’s organic produce online or at selected grocers, but nothing beats the experience of seeing where it was grown. Check out their social media pages for updates on the next farmers’ market updates. At the same time, you can buy fresh produce and artisanal goods.

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