7-Eleven Singapore is selling Pikachu Figurines dressed up in Villain Costumes

Pikachu Figurines

What’s more interesting about having a Pikachu collection? Having it dressed as a villain! And your favorite and most convenient store, 7-eleven, is giving you this special collection. 

Many of us have fond memories of the little trinkets we collected as children, such as seals, mood rings, or toys purchased from capsule vending machines. This was back in the day. And as the collections began to take up more and more area in the bedrooms, they also began to take up more and more place in our hearts, despite the fact that our mothers threatened to get rid of them.

Every childhood ever knows who Pikachu is (and Ash). They are the main characters in an animated anime series titled, Pokemon. Pikachu, as described, resembles a little, plump rodent. It has yellow fur all throughout, and on its back there are two brown stripes that run horizontally. It features dark eyes, a short mouth, long ears that taper to a point, and the tips of the ears are black. Each cheek is a round red structure that conceals a pouch that may be used to store power. It has three toes on each foot, and its paws are shorter than its wrists, thus it has five fingers on each paw. A patch of brown fur can be seen near the base of its tail, which is shaped like a lightning bolt.

Because of the influx of Blind boxes recently in Singapore, this famous anime character cannot be passed through, especially because Pikachu is a famous collection for most people. 

When we talk about blind boxes, this is a collection of Funko toys based on various forms of entertainment media. The toys are packed so that the customer cannot know what kind of toy is included inside the box. The only indicator the customer has is the medium from where the toy originated, as well as the potential item they will get from the series. 

Example for this are the Pikachu blind boxes where you know that what you are collecting is in the Pokemon collection but the thrill here is that the chances of getting what you want for the first time is very low (but if you buy in bulk, you’ll never know.)

But for this collection, there is not much information if this will be a blind box or just a mere collection where you can freely choose your own piece. But expect the unexpected as blind boxes are famous now in the country. 

7-eleven is a famous convenience store all over the world. The convenience store chain known as 7-Eleven is the biggest of its kind in the whole globe. 7-Eleven presently operates around 58,500 locations throughout the globe, catering to clients in 17 countries including China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Mexico, Malaysia, and Thailand. There is also a promotion in Singapore called “there’s always 7-eleven,” which suggests that no matter where you travel, you can always find one of these convenience stores. 

Because of this, what’s a better way of promoting things than by combining a popular character with an accessible store.

A range of figurines known as “Pokemon Villain Costume” will soon be offered at 7-Eleven locations in Singapore, as was previously revealed on their Facebook page. There are a total of seven different designs available, and each one has Pikachu costumed as a member of one of the evil groups that appear in the different generation of Pokemon from Pokemon Sun to Pokemon Moon. 

The following Pikachu villain item is available for you to get from the collection:

  • Team Rocket outfit from generation 1-2

The design of Team Rocket is based on the dark outfit that was used in the games’ first iteration; Jessie and James do not wear the white outfits that are more often seen in the series. Pikachu completes his transformation into an “evil person” by donning a black headgear that matches his outfit.

  • Team Magma & Team Aqua from generation 3

The battle against Team Magma and Team Aqua is the first step for players on the journey to discover Kyogre and Groudon. The Pikachu figurines sport red and blue clothing with the Magma and Aqua insignia on them. These colors were chosen since they were inspired by the colors of the legendary Pokémon themselves.

  • Team Galactic from generation 4  & Team Plasma from generation 5

Team Galactic and Team Plasma transform into their more futuristic forms before heading to the areas of Sinnoh and Unova. The hoodie and “X” mark that are recognizable symbols of Team Plasma are included with the collectible figure based on that team.

  • Team Flare from generation 6 & Team Skull from generation 7

Last but not least, Pikachu looks so adorably cute in both the Team Skull and Team Flare outfits that you just have to squeal with delight. Pikachu is able to effortlessly sport both of the villain outfits, whether he is wearing his streetwear muscular tank or his fancy suit with red sunglasses.

Can you now imagine the looks of the figurines? Probably yes! Fans who seem to be seeking to get their hands on the Pikachu Figurines will need to purchase them as soon as they can since there is presently no information on how long the sale of these figures will continue.

Make sure to catch them all as soon as they are released!


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